- a simple link sharer

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Tired of typing tricky web addresses on your phone's awkward keyboard?

Sla.sh will make it easy for you to get the link from your computer to your phone in two easy steps:

  1. Open Sla.sh on your computer and post the web address.
  2. Open Sla.sh on your device. The web address you posted will appear. Click it! That's all!

Sla.sh can also be used to send text or phone numbers to your phone.

No registration or download required. The links you post will be available only to computers and devices on the same local network. Links expire after 10 minutes.

Please check out Time.is for the exact time - synchronized to atomic clock time, time in London, time in Paris, time in New York, time in Sydney, or the time anywhere in the world! There is also a JavaScript clock widget which you can put on your own website, a meeting planner, and a very nice calendar.